Coalition wins home owner vote

In an election with debate over home investment, half of all home owners voted for Coalition parties (i.e., Liberal or National) and more than half of those with an investment house did so.

50 %

Half of all home-owners vote for Coalition parties (Liberal or National).

59 %

An even more solid majority of investment home owners vote for coalition parties.

41 %

Support for left-wing parties is most prevalent among renters, with 41% voting for Labor. A large proportion of renters (20%) also voted Green.

57 %

Australians are highly divided over housing affordability policy, with 57% supporting limits to negative gearing.

Property Ownership and Vote Choice
Do you own outright, or are you buying or renting the dwelling in which you now live?

In the Federal election for the House of Representatives on Saturday 18 May, which party did you vote for first in the House of Representatives? 1. Liberal Party 2. Labor Party (ALP) 3. National Party 4. Greens 5. Other
Sources & Methodology
Variable description By home owners and renters
Variable time span 2019
Published by Australian Election Study
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Data Source doi:10.26193/KMAMMW
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