Will we ever be satisfied?

Life satisfaction continued to be volatile,particularly for females. After rising during May 2020, satisfaction fell in August with the second COVID-19 wave. Satisfaction with the direction of the country rose significantly from January to May but fell from May to August.


Australians rated their satisfaction with life in August 2020 at 6.62 on a scale of 0-10.


Life satisfaction in August was below the 6.9 scored in January 2020 at the height of the bushfire emergency

81 %

More than 80% of Australian said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the direction of the country in May 2020

6 %

Satisfaction with the direction of the country fell by 6% in August to 75%

Life satisfaction by sex, January to August 2020
Overall, how satisfied are you with life as a whole these days with 0 meaning 'not at all satisfied' and 10 meaning 'completely satisfied'?
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