Where did all the humans go?

Australians are expecting some quite significant changes by 2038. We expect doctors to be relying more on computers to diagnose and determine treatments. We mostly expect more automation in retail and delivery. However we’re doubtful we’ll be 3D printing common products at home.

78 %

Many Australian – 78% – think computers will be more involved in diagnosing diseases and treating them in the next twenty years.

20 %

One in five believe doctors will definitely rely more on computers by 2038.

58 %

A slim majority – 58% – don’t think 3D printers will be in common use in the home in the next two decades.

60 %

Around 60% think drones will make deliveries in cities and more think retail will be fully automated.

Predictions For Technologies in the Future
How likely do you think each of the listed things will happen in the next 20 years?
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