What makes us Australian?

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06 Sep 2021
Based on the work of
Jill Sheppard

Many factors seen as important to being Australian haven't changed since 1995, but the ability to speak English is seen as more important in 2015. Only a minority now think being born in Australia is important.

96 %

Nearly all of the respondents think the most important factor in being Australia is respecting the nation’s political institutions and laws.

92 %

A significant majority – 92% – believe an ability to speak English is important to being Australian.

56 %

More than half of respondents don’t believe it’s important to have been born in Australia.

87 %

87% think to be Australian, it’s important to feel Australian.

What it Means to 'be Australian'
How important is each of the following to being 'Australian'?
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Variable time span 2015 (July)
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