The politics of population

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29 Aug 2021
Based on the work of
Nicholas Biddle

No voter block had majority support for the idea of Australia needing more people. The Greens voter support was highest, and support from those who didn't intend voting for a major party was the lowest. There was no clear left/right distinction though when asked if new migrants should have to live in regional areas when they arrive with the highest support from Coalition and Greens voters.

46 %

Those who identify as Greens voters have the highest level of support for population growth.

34 %

One third of Labor voters think Australia needs more people.

27 %

Just over a quarter of Coalition voters support population growth.

20 %

20% of those who don’t identify as a major party voter want a bigger population.

Variation in Support for Australian Population Growth by Voting Intention
The Australian population is now a little over 25 million. Do you think Australia needs more people?
Sources & Methodology
Variable description % who responded 'yes', By voting intention
Variable time span 2018
Published by ANU Poll
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Data Source doi:10.26193/IRSDS8
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