Working more… and feeling less secure

While working hours went up between May and August 2020, worries about losing jobs actually went up. The expectation of being out of work in 12 months was, like the April figure, the highest ever recorded. The concern rose most for those who finished Year 12 but don't have a degree.

25 %

In August 2020, people who are employed thought there was a 25% chance of losing their job at some stage in the next 12 months.

25 %

The August figure on likely job insecurity was the same as the April 2020 figure of 24.6% which was then far higher than ever previously recorded.

5 %

For those who had finished Year 12 but don’t have a degree, the expected probability of losing their job rose by 5%

1 %

Expectations of losing a job for those with degrees fell between May and August.

Increase in Number of Hours Worked with Decrease in Perceived Security
How many hours did you work last week in your main job, including any paid or unpaid overtime? What do you think is the per cent chance that you will lose your job - get retrenched or fired or not have your contract renewed - during the next 12 months?
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