Views cool on new coal mines

While the idea has strong backing from some in the Federal Coalition Government, in the general population support for new coal mines has fallen by more than 8% since the 2019 election. Support has tumbled 14% amongst coalition voters.

37 %

Support for new coal mines has fallen since the 2019 election from 45% in June to 37% in January 2020.

14 %

The biggest drop in support for new coal mines is among Coalition voters with support dropping by 14% from June to January.

4.5 %

There is no statistically significant difference (only 4.5%) between capital and non-capital city residents support for new coal mines

The drop in support for new coal mines isn’t linked to the bushfires raging in January.

Support for New Coal Mines in June 2019 and January 2020, by Vote in May 2019 Federal Election
In your opinion, should the government allow the opening of new coal mines?
Sources & Methodology
Variable description Per cent in favour, Grouped by party vote
Variable time span 2020 (January), 2019 (June)
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Data Source doi:10.26193/S1S9I9
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