Losing touch with God

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30 Aug 2021

God is becoming less and less important in our lives with the number of people saying God isn't at all important rising. Only 17 per cent say God is very important. And while more than half of us still believe in God, one in five now say they are an Atheist.

57 %

More than half of respondents believe in God. Similar numbers believe in life after death – 55% – and Heaven – 50%.

31 %

Just under a third – 31% – believe in Hell.

35 %

For 35% of Australian, God is not at all important in their lives

43 %

More people say they are not a religious person than say they are – 43% vs 37%.

Importance of God in Life
How important is God in your life with 1 meaning "not at all important" and 10 meaning "very important"?
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Variable description Grouped by year of response
Variable time span 1981 to 2018
Published by World Values Survey
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Data Source doi:10.26193/DJLJV1
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