Learning to test

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31 Aug 2021

Testing for COVID-19 has increased over time from only 2 per cent of Australian adults estimated to have been tested in April to nearly 20 per cent by August. Females were more likely to get tested than males, and those between 25-44 most likely to get tested.

19 %

By August 2020, 19% of Australians are estimated to have been tested for COVID-19.

5.2 %

Only 5.2% of people were tested by May 2020.

2.1 %

In the early days of the pandemic in April, just 2.1% were tested.


Those in the prime working ages between 25-44 were most likely to be tested.

Per cent of Australian Adults who have been Tested for COVID-19, by age and sex
Have you been tested by a doctor or nurse for COVID-1 due to the spread of COVID-19 that is currently occurring?
Sources & Methodology
Variable description By age and sex
Variable time span May 2020 - August 2020
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Data Source doi:10.26193/ZFGFNE
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