Can you not stand so close to me?

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02 Sep 2021

Two-thirds of people say COVID-19 has left them feeling worried for their safety and that of family and friends, although fewer think it is likely they’ll get the virus in the next six months. There are differences in the levels of concern between women and men, and between the young and those older.

70 %

There is a sizable difference between the anxiety and worry reported by women (70%) and that reported by men (59%).

78 %

The young (78% of those aged between 18-24) are feeling the anxiety and worry more than those aged 25 and over.

20 %

One fifth of those surveyed agreed there had been too much unnecessary worry about the COVID-19 outbreak.

60 %

A majority of people report they avoid crowded places with 60% saying they keep 1.5 metres away from others.

Anxiety and Worry Due to Covid, by sex and age (April 2020)
Have you felt anxious or worried for the safety of yourself, close family members or friends, due to the current spread of COVID-19?
Sources & Methodology
Variable description Per cent who answered 'Yes', grouped by age and sex
Variable time span 2020 (April)
Published by ANU Poll
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Data Source doi:10.26193/HLMZNW
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