Australians getting the jabs done

State and Federal governments have expressed that the best way out of lockdowns in Australia is through the vaccine rollouts. In August 2021, 45.4% of Australians aged 16 years and older had received at least one dose of a vaccine and 23.7% were fully vaccinated. Australians were surveyed in August 2021 to assess their level of vaccine hesitancy, which was at its lowest level since August 2020. 9 in 10 Australians were either vaccinated or expressed that they would either probably or definitely get a vaccination. Groups that had lower rates of vaccine update include people with low levels of education, people who spoke a language other than English and those who had low household income. Australians who don’t think they will get infected with COVID-19 and Australians who experienced psychological distress in April 2021 were also less likely to be vaccinated.

94 %

9 in 10 Australians have now been vaccinated against COVID-19 or have expressed a willingness to receive their jab.

15 %

Less than 15% (14.6%) of unvaccinated Australians will either probably not (8.5%) or definitely not (6.1%) get vaccinated in the future.


Three quarters (72.5%) of Australians who expressed Vaccine willingness in April 2021 had received their jabs by August 2021. 16.8% of Australians who said they definitely wouldn’t get vaccinated in April 2021, had been vaccinated by August 2021.

50 %

50% of unvaccinated Australians in August 2021 expressed they were moderately (21.5%) or very (28.5%) concerned about the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. Around 1 in 10 (13.1%) of unvaccinated Australians were not concerned at all about the side effects.

Per cent of Australians who have been vaccinated or would probably/definitely get vaccinated, August 2020 to August 2021
Have you received a vaccine to prevent COVID-19? 1. Yes, all scheduled doses 2. Yes, but I am expecting to receive another dose 3. No

If a safe and effective vaccine to prevent COVID-19 were available to you now, would you... 1. Definitely get the vaccine 2. Probably get the vaccine 3. Probably not get the vaccine 4. Definitely not get the vaccine
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Variable description % who responded 'Yes' to the 'Have you received a vaccine....' or 'Definitely/Probably' to 'Would you get a vaccine...'
Variable time span August 2020 to August 2021
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