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29 Aug 2021
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Jill SheppardMatthew Gray

The majority of Australians see our scientific achievements as comparable to or better than other industrialised countries. Three-quarters of Australians believe that the benefit of new scientific advancements outweighs the risk and 68% of Australians are excited by new technologies. However, technological change is happening too fast for many Australians.

90 %

Nine in ten Australians think that our scientific achievements are comparable or better than the rest of the world. 5% believe we are the best in the world.

75 %

Three-quarters of Australians agree that the benefits of our technological progress offset the risks.

68 %

Two-thirds of Australians (68%) are more excited than concerned about new technologies.

45 %

45% reporting they believe technological change is happening too fast to keep up with.

Australia's Scientific Achievements Compared to Those of Other Countries
How do you think Australia compares to other industrialised countries in terms of its scientific achievements?
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