Attitudes towards gambling

Australians were asked a series of questions to gauge their attitudes towards gambling, some questions were phrased in support of gambling and some were phrased against it. Australians were generally against gambling and believe that it is not good for society.

90 %

Almost all Australias (90 per cent) agree or strongly agree that there are too many opportunities for gambling nowadays. Almost half (49 per cent) stated they strongly agree and 41 per cent agreed with the statement.

39 %

Two in five (39 per cent) Australians strongly agree and almost one in two (46 per cent) Australians agree that gambling is dangerous for family life. 13 per cent disagree, and only 2 per cent strongly disagree.

82 %

82 per cent of Australians disagree or strongly disagree that gambling is good for society. Only 2 per cent strongly agreed that gambling is good for society.

2 %

Only 2 per cent strongly agree that gambling livens up life in Australia. 19 per cent agreed, 47 per cent disagreed, and 30 per cent strongly disagreed with the statement.

Attitudes towards gambling in Australia (May 2020)
To what degree do you agree with the following statements:
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Variable description Per cent of Australias who agree/disagree
Variable time span May 2020
Published by ANU Poll
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Data Source Biddle, Nicholas; Edwards, Ben; Gray, Matthew; Sollis, Kate, 2020, "ANU Poll 2020: COVID-19 attitudes and behaviours, Wave 2 (May)", doi:10.26193/GNEHCQ, ADA Dataverse, V1
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