A bigger Australia?

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08 Aug 2021
Based on the work of
Nicholas Biddle

Only a third of those surveyed believe Australia needs more people and that support has declined significantly since 2010. Males are inclined to agree more than females, and those born overseas more likely to support a bigger Australia than those born in Australia.

70 %

Two thirds don’t think Australia should have more people.

15 %

The number who support having more people has fallen 15% since 2010.

20 %

Support was lowest among those who hadn’t completed year 12 compared to those who had.

49 %

Support was stronger for those born in a non english speaking country than those born in predominantly English speaking countries.

Support for Australian Population Growth
The Australian population is now a little over 25 million. Do you think Australia needs more people?
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Variable description By year and gender
Variable time span 2018
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Data Source doi:10.26193/IRSDS8
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